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New Ticket Machines

New touch-screen ticket machines have been installed at all 62 Metrolink stations. The 133 new machines are more reliable, user-friendly and provide additional convenience and time savings.

There are a number of new features for customers using the new ticket machines. Each is equipped with English and Spanish language options and are ADA compliant with voice enabled technology and braille keypads. New ticket machines accept cash, credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Corporate Quick Cards and promotional codes for payment. 

Purchasing a ticket is easy:

Select your trip & ticket type, enter your payment card information, activate your ticket prior to boarding and your device is your ticket.


Choose Stations

Choose which station you are traveling from, and which station you are traveling to.


Choose Ticket Types

Ticket vending machines offer a variety of tickettypes. The one best suited for you depends onhow often you plan to ride.


Buy Tickets

Pay with cash, credit or debit cards, CQC, promotional codes or vouchers. 


Step 1. Tap “Buy Tickets”

Step 2. Choose your ticket type

The new ticket machines still offer the same ticket types you enjoy.

Step 3. Choose your destination

Enter or select your destination station with just one tap.

Step 4. Select your departure date and ticket quantity

Step 5. Pay for your ticket

New ticket machines accept cash, credit and debit cards, Corporate Quick Cards and promotional codes for payment. Later this year, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and transit vouchers can be used to purchase tickets.

Enjoy your ride!

All Metrolink tickets purchased allow free transfers on select bus and rail lines. Visit for a list of participating providers.

Ticket Machine

ADA Accessibility - New Ticket Machines


Metrolink is committed to providing our customers with an exceptional experience. Metrolink replaced the old outdated, unreliable ticket machines with new ADA compliant ticket machines that are reliable and user-friendly for all.

No. Metrolink ticket prices have not changed with the new ticket machines.

The new machines accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, debit cards, Corporate Quick Cards, promotional codes, and cash in $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 bill increments. The new ticket machines also accept contactless payment options using Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay. Additionally, the Metrolink ticket machine voucher is an accepted payment form for your convenience.

If you select “Pay with Card” on the ticket machine payment screen, simply tap your credit/debit card or hold the front side of your iPhone or Android phone within close proximity to the contactless icon. You may be asked to authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID or your passcode on your smartphone to complete the transaction.

Once the transaction has been authenticated your phone will vibrate and display “Done or Approved” with a checkmark that your payment has been approved. The ticket machine pin pad will also confirm when your payment has been approved. It’s a fast, safe and secure alternative to paying with cash.

Vouchers are dispensed from ticket machines when the 20-coin limit is reached. Customers can redeem these vouchers at Los Angeles Union Station Metrolink ticket windows, online by filling out the Voucher Reimbursement Form located at, by calling 877-693-5217, or at a ticket machine toward the purchase of a new ticket of equal to or less than the total purchase price.

Once you confirmed your ticket information select “pay with voucher,” present your voucher to the barcode reader then the ticket machine automatically applies the voucher credit towards the total purchase price.

Only one voucher can be used per transaction, and if you are using a mixture of payments the redemption order is voucher, cash and then debit/credit card. Vouchers cannot be used in combination with Metrolink provided promotional codes.

Yes. Just like on the old ticket machines, the new machines allow purchasers to make split payments between cash and card but not between two cards.

Yes. The new machines give coin change of less than $20 – and vouchers for change of $20 or higher. Riders  can redeem vouchers  at  Los Angeles Union Station Metrolink ticket windows, online by filling out the Voucher Reimbursement Form located at, or by calling 877-693-5217.

Yes, all 62 Metrolink station has a new ticket machine. Metrolink ticket machines are located on or near Metrolink train platforms. There are no machines on trains and tickets must be purchased prior to boarding the train.

Metrolink tickets and passes allow for transfers at no additional cost on select bus and rail lines by scanning or presenting your Metrolink pass or ticket for visual inspection. If you require assistance at a Metro station, access the Gate Help Phone. Visit for a list of participating transportation providers.

Yes. The Metrolink App is a contactless way to buy and store your Metrolink passes and tickets. The App is available in the Google Play or the App Store.

Yes, you can use the Corporate Quick Card (CQC) on the new ticket machines by typing in your CQC number or simply swiping your card. If you experience any issues, please contact your administrator.

Yes. Future-dated One-Way and Round-Trip tickets are available on the new ticket machines. You can purchase your future-dated tickets up to 365 calendar days in advance of your travel date.

No, you cannot purchase Amtrak tickets through Metrolink Ticket Machines. 

Yes. Choose Flyaway/LAX as your destination station option on the new ticket machine screen to purchase a Metrolink ticket with transfer to the Flyaway shuttle service.

Yes. Simply select Buy Tickets, then Quick Tickets, then scan your existing ticket barcode when prompted and the ticket machine screen will automatically take you to your pre-selected ticket information where you can complete your transaction. Learn more at Metrolink's Quick Ticket.

Yes, you can use promotional codes at the new ticket machines. Select “Promotional Codes” on the main screen and simply type in the promotional code when prompted. Do not include spaces when typing in the codes and then follow the prompts to receive your ticket/pass.

Yes. The new ticket machines have the added features of voice enabled technology and braille keypads.

Metrolink tickets and passes are non-refundable and non-replaceable. Please visit to learn more.

Yes. The new ticket machines still have English and Spanish language options. Metrolink’s call center can assist with other languages at (800) 371-5465 or

Your paper ticket/pass card is designed to last until your ticket/pass expiration date with the proper care. Treat your ticket/pass like any other money card. Protect it. Do not bend, puncture wet or burn it. It is recommended that you store in a cool and dry location. Avoid direct sunlight, fluorescent and similar UV light, envelopes and folders composed of plastics and greasy substances.

Please visit a Metrolink ticket window, located at the Los Angeles Union Station and a Metrolink representative will be able to assist you.

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Thank you for using Metrolink. We welcome your feedback. If you have any questions or comments, please text or call 800-371-5465 (LINK).


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