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Strategic Business Plan

Our Future is On Track Metrolink


The Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA) Strategic Business Plan was prepared during 2020 by SCRRA and consultant staff.  This Strategic Business Plan articulates the value of Metrolink to the Southern California mega region and charts a course towards a stronger future where our service, our role and our positive impact on our daily lives can grow and thrive. The Plan also lays the foundation for even more new approaches that will advance our transformation into a more independent, efficient and essential Metrolink for the future.

Metrolink's Strategic Business Plan outlines the agency's Mission, Vision and Commitments to ensure continuous improvement and growth.

The plan includes a framework for strategic actions for the agency for three distinct time periods:  2021-2025, 2026-2030, and 2031- 2050.

Our Mission

To provide safe, efficient, dependable, and on-time transportation service that offers outstanding customer experience and enhances quality of life.

Our Vision

To be Southern California’s preferred transportation system built upon safety, reliability, customer service, leading-edge technology, and seamless connectivity.


Safety Is Foundational

We will stay on the leading edge by deploying new technologies and processes to enhance the safety and security of our riders, employees and the communities we serve.

Customers are Our Business

We respect and value our customers, putting them at the heart of all we do, and work hard to attract and retain new customers by understanding their needs and finding new and innovative ways to delight them.

Connecting and Leveraging Partnerships

We will forge new and enhanced relationships with our public and private partners to integrate and coordinate connecting services, providing residents throughout Southern California with better, seamless, sustainable alternatives to driving.

Modernizing Business Practices

We will improve our operational efficiency, through transparency, objective metrics and streamlined governance, reducing reliance on subsidy while bringing our system into a state of good repair and investing in the development of our employees.

Advancing Key Regional Goals

We will grow the role of regional rail in addressing climate change, air quality, and other pressing sustainability and economic issues by advancing toward zero emissions, making rail a compelling alternative to single-occupant automobiles and advancing equity-focused opportunities for all communities throughout Southern California.