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Facts Sheets & Numbers

Metrolink in Perspective

Metrolink is the nation's 3rd largest commuter rail system with 407 unduplicated route miles and 538 total route miles. See our station map »

2.9 million train miles per year and 432 million passenger miles per year.

Metrolink has a very low public subsidy of $0.35 per passenger mile.

59% of Metrolink riders travel across county lines.

81% of weekday trips are work-related.

85% of Metrolink weekday riders own an automotive but choose Metrolink.

Metrolink’s service:

  • Reduces 9.3 million car trips annually
  • Reduces 130,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Reduces traffic volume during the peak hour in peak direction by up to 25% on parallel freeways
  • Reduces vehicle miles traveled by 339,329,158 miles

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Metrolink Reports

Metrolink's Impact and Milestones

In FY 2019, revenue recovery ratio was 40.1%, the highest of any major transit system in southern California.

In FY 2018, 2 new stations were added to the system: Burbank Airport - North (AV Line) and San Bernardino - Downtown 

In FY 2016, Metrolink introduced Mobile Ticketing for all its customers.
Learn more about our Mobile Ticketing App »

In FY 2016, Metrolink introduced its first of 40 Tier-4 locomotives, the highest EPA rating for low emissions. These locomotives will eliminate 85% of current emissions. 
Learn more about our Tier 4 locomotives »

In FY 2015, Metrolink was the first railroad in the nation to implement Positive Train Control (PTC). PTC is the centerpiece of Metrolink’s unwavering focus on safety by providing collision avoidance and over-speeding prevention.
Learn more about Positive Train Control (PTC) at Metrolink »