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Positive Train Control

As a leader in safety, Metrolink is proud to become the first passenger rail in the nation to operate life-saving Positive Train Control (PTC) technology across our entire network. Our PTC system provides Metrolink riders the safest ride available to their work or play destinations.

What is PTC?

Positive Train Control (PTC) is GPS-based safety technology that can stop a train and prevent train-to-train collisions, over-speed derailments, and unauthorized train movement.

PTC ensures the safety of our passengers by acting as a safeguard against human errors and other potential hazards.

How PTC Works

Metrolink’s PTC system combines GPS, wireless radio and computing technology to send up-to-date visual and audible information and notify train crew members when a train must be slowed or stopped. If an engineer does not respond to the PTC warning system, onboard computers will activate the brakes and safely stop the train.

Our PTC system consists of:

ptc system

PTC in Action

ptc in action

Safer Ride, System-Wide

Commuting throughout Southern California has never been safer thanks to PTC. Today, all Metrolink-owned lines and locomotives operate PTC, making Metrolink one of the safest ways to travel.

The Metrolink Board displayed a strong leadership role in its commitment to safety through PTC implementation. Metrolink’s adoption of PTC’s life-saving technology was achieved thanks to the support and diligence of our member agencies, the State, the federal government, freight railroads and the North County Transit District.

Stats and Facts

341 miles of Metrolink-owned territory operating PTC technology

171 miles of BNSF and UPRR owned territory working towards PTC interoperability

Upgraded wayside signals with stop enforcement systems at 476 locations

104 control points established on the system

Installations of PTC equipment on all 56 cab cars and 55 locomotives

8,000 geographic critical features mapped on Metrolink’s system

A new 24,000 square-foot security-enhanced building housing command and control equipment

$218.8 million project cost for developing, installing, testing and deploying PTC