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What's Allowed Onboard

What’s Allowed Onboard

  • Bags/Luggage: Store bags under your seat
  • Pets: Animals must be in a small pet carrier under the seat or on your lap
  • Service animals to assist people with disabilities
  • Strollers: Secure in the designated storage area
  • Bicycles: Secure and store in the designated storage area (each train car can hold up to three bicycles). The special Bike Car can hold up to 9 bicycles on the lower level.
  • Bodyboards/Boogie Boards: Store under the seat or in the designated storage area
  • Surfboards (up to 6ft 4in)
  • Beach chairs, beach toys (e.g., buckets, shovels, etc.), beach umbrellas, towels
  • Fishing poles
  • Ice chests

What’s Not Allowed Onboard

  • Playing music and audio devices without headphones
  • Items that do not fit between seats or in the storage/bike area are not allowed on board
  • No beach carts/wagons
  • No feet or shoes on seats
  • Loud and unruly behavior 
  • No smoking or consumption of alcohol
  • No gas-powered bikes
  • Segways: Please note that we will accommodate passengers with disabilities who use segways
  • No occupying empty seats with carry-on items
  • No soliciting
  • Large pets 

The conductor is responsible for the safety of all passengers and must use his/her discretion when determining which items can be safely allowed on the train by passengers. Please use the lower level of the train to store large items or place items under your seat. All aisles must be kept clear of any of these items at all times. Thank you for your cooperation.


Onboard Etiquette

To view more detailed etiquette guidelines, please refer to Metrolink's Code of Conduct.

  • Be considerate of others when using your cell phone. Please use a headset when listening to music or watching videos
  • Allow other passengers to exit before boarding the train
  • Snacks are allowed, but please use the trash cans onboard
  • Keep designated seats available for seniors and persons with disabilities
  • Shoes and shirt are required
  • Each rider may occupy only one seat
  • A rider may not save seats for people getting on at a future station