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How to Ride

How to ride Metrolink

Keeping You Safe

Your safety is our number one priority, so we’ve taken steps to ensure your train ride is clean and safe. The air on our trains is recirculated often and travels through antimicrobial air filters that destroy 99.98% of viruses and bacteria. Masks are required on all platforms and trains, and you can ensure you have plenty of space for physical distancing by using our online tool How Full is My Train? Each train car has two hand sanitizer stations, and our Clean Care Crew cleans and disinfects trains throughout the day using hospital grade products. Learn more here.

Find Your Station

Your nearest station is your gateway to ride Metrolink. This is your origin station and where you'll board the train. Many stations offer free parking, ticket machines to purchase tickets, and free connections with your Metrolink ticket. You can review the system map and schedule here as well. Other station amenities can include local restaurants and cafes, bike racks or lockers, handicapped parking spaces and ramps for accessibility. Simply enter your address below to find the nearest station or review the complete list of Metrolink stations.

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Step 1: Check Your Train Schedule

Our schedule connects riders to Southern California destinations throughout the week. All Metrolink lines run Monday through Friday, and Saturday and Sunday service is available on all lines except the Riverside Line. Plan your trip by selecting your origin and destination station.


Step 2: Confirm Your Ticket and Fare Type

Whether you’re heading to work or out exploring the region, Metrolink offers many different types of tickets and flexible fares to suit your needs. Simply select your origin and destination station to check out departure and arrival times. For more information about our ticket types, click here. To confirm if you qualify for a discounted fare, see our pricing. Our everyday discounts are here.


Step 3: Buy Your Ticket

Metrolink offers two main ways to purchase your ticket: on the fly and from the comfort of your home and at the station before you board, Metrolink also offers contactless ticketing through the Mobile App available for download here. No waiting in line, and it’s quick, easy and best of all, you only need to touch your phone to ride.

New touch-screen ticket machines in English and Spanish at all 62 Metrolink stations are ADA-compliant. Our machines are reliable, user-friendly and provide additional convenience and time savings.


Step 4: Sign up to be a SoCal Explorer Member

Riding the train has its rewards with the SoCal Explorer rewards program. Buy a ticket, take a ride on Metrolink and earn points towards another. You’ll also get discounts at local businesses like restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and more. It’s easy and it's free and who doesn’t enjoy perks?

Free Connections

At Metrolink, connecting you to your final destination reliably and safely is our goal. There are hundreds of connections you can make with your valid Metrolink ticket including city bus, shuttle bus, light rail, and subway lines. By special arrangement with transit systems throughout Southern California, your Metrolink ticket takes you farther than ever before. Most connections are free with your valid Metrolink ticket.

Same Day Ticket


All Metrolink tickets must be stamped with today’s date to be valid for boarding connecting transit (Monthly Passes must be for the current month).

Local Transit Only


Metrolink tickets are good for free rides on most local transit services only. An additional fare payment may be required for express or other non-local bus service.

Show Ticket


Just show your Metrolink ticket to the driver or attendant upon boarding your connecting transit service.

The Metrolink Experience